Let’s go Thunder, let’s go!

Let’s go Thunder, let’s go!

That’s the sound of our fierce Manchester Elite women getting back to training. The first lockdown hasn’t stopped their drive and determination, so neither will the second lockdown!

Although we have slipped into lockdown 2.0, this has not stopped our athletes from sticking to their vigorous training plans. At Belle Vue sports village, our girls in black and yellow were seen out an about working hard (as always!) with high intensity training, seeing them dashing from court to court, from one drill to the next, chatting and laughing, preparing for whatever 2021 has to offer.

Unfortunately, we have been without two of our fiercest players, Loreen Ngwira and Joyce Mvulva, however we hope it won’t be too long until they will be back to reunite with the rest of the team and start preparing for the exciting 2021 season.

With any luck, Manchester thunder will be given the chance to repeat their successes in 2019, where they became the champions of the Vitality Netball Superleague and the Mason Greenwood trophy. The Vitality netball superleague is due to have a 2021 season after their 2020 season was abruptly cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in the cancellation of the entire season. Therefore, like many other superleague Netball clubs, we have currently been left waiting on the edge of our seats for the day Vitality netball superleague announce their new fixtures for 2021, allowing elite netball to fully restart, and keeping netball fanatics entertained.

However, with a possible vaccine on the way, are we finally seeing the light at the end of this dreadful pandemic-netball tunnel? One can only dream of a life without wearing masks now and constantly soaking our hands with sanitizer. However, after all of this doom and gloom, we hope it won’t be too long before we can face our oppositions in our famous Thunderdome, where our roaring fans are able to watch some fierce netball once again!