Performance Pathway Coaching Team 2019/2020

Manchester Thunder’s Performance Pathway programme aims to¬†find, inspire and develop the next generation of leading netballers for Thunder, the North West and England.

To achieve this, we have put together what we are confident is an outstanding Performance Pathway Support Team for 2019/2020.

Under the guidance and direction of our Director of Netball Karen Greig, they will be led by Pathway Head Coach Alex Young. You can contact Alex by email at

Here are the details of our team:

Name Position
Jen Fields U21 Head coach
TBC U21 Assistant Coach
Alex Young U19 Head coach
Lauren Palmer U19 Assistant Coach
Ashley Taylor U19 Assistant Coach
Alex Young U17 Head Coach
Alison Sharp U17 Assistant Coach
Nikki Kendrick U17 Development Coach
Georgie Davies Futures Head Coach
Clair Christy Futures Assistant Coach
Lauren Palmer U15 Head coach
Phil Owen U15 Assistant Coach
Sophie Austin U15 Assistant Coach
Phil Owen TYA Head Coach
Suzanne bass TYA Assistant Coach
Jane Moodie TYA Assistant Coach
Nic Lawless TYA Assistant Coach
Nat Kerrigan TYA Assistant Coach
Denise Sharock TYA Assistant Coach
Abby Chamberlain TYA Development Coach
Polly Logan TYA Development Coach
Rosie Harris Bees Head Coach
Lauren Waton Bees Assistant Coach
Jess Fowler Bees Assistant Coach
Imogen Turner Bees Assistant Coach
Joanne Dempsey Bees Assistant Coach
Lynne Barnett Bees Development Coach
Rachael Olsen Bees Development Coach