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Sacrifices for Superleague – We speak to Joyce Mvula

Ahead of tomorrow's game with Mavericks, and as she's named in the Malawi Queens squad for the Commonwealth Games, Thunder's Denise Evans and Cassie Nunn-Price spoke to Joyce Mvula. It’s not often the UK is described as ‘heaven’. But for Malawian Manchester Thunder shooter Joyce Mvula, a move to a big city in Europe from her far less cosmopolitan beginnings in Africa, has brought her a life of privilege and experiences. It’s been a huge cultural – and personal - change for the 23-year-old, who left behind her young son and fiancé to play in the Superleague. Mvula said: “Some people in Malawi see that you’re in the UK and think that you’re in heaven. “I miss my family a lot but it’s a great achievement to be here.” The climate has also taken some getting used to, but Mvula is acutely aware that the positives far out-weigh the lack of sun. And Mvula clearly has the support of her loved ones back home, but even she may sometimes question ... More

A Thunder Legend: Inspiring Netballers On & Off Court

Manchester Thunder's Media Manager Denise Evans speaks to Kerry Almond Kerry Almond almost joined the police when she was 19. Can you imagine a Manchester Thunder without those impeccably timed intercepts? “I got to the final rounds of interviews for the police, but they thought I needed a bit more life experience. Maybe I can try again when I retire. If my body isn’t completely broken,” recalls Almond. “I always wanted to join the RAF but the way the world has gone in the last 15 years, it put me off.” It may be difficult to believe, but despite being one of the most vocal players in the heat of battle on court, Kerry is noticeably reserved and quiet off it. She counts her mentor and team-mate early-on, Julie Lewis, as a vital ‘old head’ in front of her in goal defence, in 'taking a season' to get Almond to talk on court. Although naturally private, Kerry credits netball for giving her confidence and bringing her the most joy in life – and one man in ... More