Volunteer at Manchester Thunder

Volunteer at Manchester Thunder

Manchester Thunder would not be able to operate without our amazing team of volunteers

We are currently looking to develop our team of volunteers and are keen to welcome on-board those of all ages, genders, backgrounds and experience.

You are required to be professional, enthusiastic, a good team player, have effective verbal communication skills, have the ability to work in a dynamic environment, have an interest in netball and sport and be a good problem solver.

We have a range of exciting roles on offer where you will be part of an effective and valued team and play a key part in the planning and delivery of all aspects of the match day.

You will also have a pivotal role in connecting with our supporters and creating positive memories for all involved.

Volunteering has a wide range of benefits:

  • Positively boost your mental wellbeing
  • Develop future employment opportunities, social interaction and professional skills
  • Contribute positively to the success of a local sporting team within the community
  • Be part of an inclusive, diverse, fun and valued team and meet lots of interesting and like-minded people
  • Broaden your life skills and experience
  • Gain a fantastic sense of achievement that you are helping other achieve their goals
  • Put a smile on the fact of players and spectators
  • Learn new skills and build your CV
  • Keep fit and active

Thank you to our incredible volunteers

Julia Rule

Susan Dawson

Alice Turner

Emma Whitney

Tom Nokes

Julie Naughton

Andy Naughton

Georgia Lee

Little Lee

Malcolm Lee

Donna Lee

Netty Miles

Claire Brown

Olivia Brown

Kate Connell

Laura Hayward

Steve Hayward

Anne Hayward

Rebekah Turner

Dave Turner