Children In Need 2020

Children in Need is whizzing around the corner and during a year of mass uncertainty, what do you need to know for this year’s Children in Need?

As always, this year’s show of Children In Need will air on Friday 13th of November. And despite the unfortunate circumstances of Lockdown 2.0 there will still be plenty of great things to participate in.  Typically, you will be able to submit a direct donation to Children in Need via text and phone.

Children in Need is a fantastic organisation which has aimed to help fund local charities and to overcome the global issues children and young people are facing in their day-to-day life.

With the help of our generous donations this goes towards supporting those who have been affected by a whole range of disadvantages, including poverty, disabilities, illness and trauma.

Although we cannot actively raise funds with our fans, now is a time to reflect what other have done to raise money in realm of netball throughout the years.

Last year saw part of the south west of England at Bournemouth Netball club a Family Netball Tournament and a throughout the day raffle, where all proceeds and donations went to Children in Need. This lot managed to raise a whopping total of £480

In 2018, Ely Netball Club found on the outskirts of Cambridge almost reached their target of £200 after conducting a friendly netball match with a sweet addition of cakes and raffle prizes to sweeten up donators.

A bit closer to Manchester was Milton Keynes prep school, where in 2016 the U11 pupils and staff took part in a friendly game of Netball seeing the adults take the win for the time being.

Whether it is netball related or not, we want to encourage all of our loyal fans to get involved in Children in Need. Visit now!