Laura Malcolm Blog

Last weekend we had our Storm/ Mavericks double header! As both games were only days apart we decided to take a Thunder road trip! The weekend began with a top of the table clash against Storm. After a long hour of end to end play we managed to come out with the win. After such a big game everybody was happy to get to our apartments and get to bed.

After a good sleep we started the day with some early morning pool recovery. We made a poor attempt to transfered our well developed vollyfoot skills (a game previously mentioned in Emma Dovey’s blog) into a game of water volleyball. Unable to maintain our normal vollyfoot control and persion whilst in the water we had to call it quits on our new game. Once recovery was complete the day was ours.

The group took this the opportunity to do some serious sightseeing. Most of the team visited the London Dungeons. During our visit Sara was locked up for torturing (we weren’t too bothered so we just left her), Krista was told she looked succulent (by the famous pie making Mrs Lovette) and Helen got attacked by Jack the Ripper (then she walked into a wall, Ha!). Despite the constant reminder that we were all heading (or beheading 😉) to our deaths, we managed to make it to safety. We left the dungeons with just enough time to pop around the Queens gaff before making our way to a team meal. All in all we had a lovely day!
After what had been a good weekend we had to take on Mavericks. This was another tough game with physical battles all over the court. Unfortunately we didn’t finish the weekend with our best performance but we did manage to come away with the win. An ugly win is still a win at the end of the day!

This week we are making our way down to Bath.  We’ve managed to get ourselves a very classy coach/ spaceship so we’re travelling in style. Another long journey against another tough team. Lets hope we come away with another win!