Malysha Kelly Blog 2016


As we head into our first double numbered match, ’’The Big 10’’, we are a long way from round three.  Victoriously Manchester won a battle fought against team bath.  

Since then, both team bath and team thunder at least played all teams once and venture on to return matches. Both teams had the misfortunate taste of a bad loss. Both teams felt the ebullience of a pretty win as well as an awful one. Both teams had gone back into training to fix errors and fine tune team strengths. Finally, both teams are ready to face off a second time in the 2016 NSL season.  In this unpredictable Vitality Super season, what will the outcome of this Saturday’s game be?

 The Thunderdome will come alive as we host the third match of the NSL season, with a massive home crowd support and our very own Thunder bear.

We cannot tell the outcome of this match… but I can reassure you that this will be the featured match for this weekend. Both teams in their own rights have a score to settle, and this will be on display Saturday night.

Coincidentally, ’Diversity’ in our style of play is what I love about my team most. In fact, this is what I look forward to as we execute on court. In the same way, our fans, supporters, and netball lovers, look forward for an impressive display of netball on a Saturday night.  

In short, round three is the past. So bring on ’’The Big 10’’ with a more nurtured team bath and as thunder pushing it to the limits. Expect a physical, mental and emotional battle, set for the 25th of March 2016.