Performance Pathway Trials – FAQs

At trials, is it skills or match play?

At our trials athletes will be selected based of performance in match play, and this is where their skills will be assessed.

What time do we arrive?

You will be sent an email with all the details of the trial on, including arrival time. Athletes are asked to arrive between 20-30 minutes earlier in order to register, and make sure they are prepared (nails short, hair tied back, any strapping/support in place, ready to play.

What do we wear?

All the details will be on your trial email, however will be asked to wear a plain white top, black shorts/ skirt / ¾ leggings. Please bring outdoor gear if your trial is outside, and depending on the weather forecast for that day. NO CLUB kit is to be worn.

How will I know when I am on, and how many matches I get to play?

Depending on the number of applicants and time, you will all play enough matches so that all selectors can see you more than once. The rounds will be placed up on the wall, and you will be able to write down / take a picture of what rounds/position you will be playing. There will be Thunder helpers there to Assist should you need.

Will I always play my 1st position?

If you have put down 2 positions, you will play both. However, you may play one over the other, and also asked to fill in another position occasionally if needed. Selectors will know if it is your 1st / 2nd choice position, and if you are filling into a position.

When will I find out?

Within 48 hours of your trial taking place.

Do I need to apply if I am injured?

Yes you need to put a trial form in, so you can be considered for the pathway when you have completed your return to play.

Is it an open trial?

Yes, anyone can apply for Thunder at any age group. We have open trials at the 1st stage, and a final trial on the 2nd stage. Athletes who were in the pathway the previous season will trial alongside those who get through the open trial. Athlete’s in our current pathway will go straight to final trial if they are still in their own age group, if moved up an age will attend open trials.

Do I get feedback?

We only give feedback at the Final trials.

Are parents allowed to watch?

Yes any spectators can watch from outside the netball court fencing or outside the sports hall.

If you have any questions which are not answered here, please email