Thunder Camps preview with Emma Dovey


Emma Dovey and Laura Malcolm have taken on the roles of Thunder Camp co-ordinators and they’ve got some big things planned.

The experienced Black and Yellows players will run the school holiday camps, which focus on improving netball skills ,having fun, making friends and learning from the best players in the sport. 

Emma, who plays in defence and mid-courter Laura have plenty of new ideas for the upcoming February Camp and beyond. 

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We caught up with Emma for a Q&A session to see what Thunder Camps are all about and she tells us why you should take part.


1. Why did you decide to become more involved with Thunder camps?
I have coached on Thunder camps for a number of years now, and have enjoyed every minute of meeting great kids who love netball so much. Myself and Malcs both wanted to get more involved as we had so many new ideas, it’s great to be involved in the club as more than just a player and give back with some of our experience.

2. What can a newbie to the camps expect?
3. Do the kids taking part have to be a certain standard of player/ have a certain fitness level?
Thunder camps are a great mix of learning new skills, challenging yourself and having lots of fun! There will be 4 sessions per day that will include different skills, challenges and match play, as well as chances for question and answer sessions with some of your favourite Manchester Thunder stars. There is no minimum standard to attend, and we welcome both boys and girls aged 7-14.

4. What do you enjoy the most about leading Thunder Camps?
As myself and Malcs are both PE teachers, we enjoy working with kids and seeing the improvements each session. It’s also great to see so many young kids enjoying playing the game and maybe even helping to create future Manchester Thunder players!!

5. Will you be bringing anything new to camps for those who have been before? 
We have so many new ideas for camps and things will be changing each camp to keep it fresh and exciting for anyone who keeps returning. Throughout our February camps, we will be running ‘How to be Elite’ workshops, including nutrition, training and tips for anybody who is hoping to become a future netball star.  Also individual feedback will be provided to anyone who books onto 3 or more camps, for them to take back to their school/club to help them improve further. 


6. What questions do you mainly get asked by the young players?
I have been asked everything from ‘what is your favourite type of ball other than a netball’, to ‘how many netballs can I hold at once’, however common questions are usually  about how often we train, and also if we have a specific diet! We really enjoy answering any questions from the kids, so if you’re coming along to a camp, get your thinking cap on!!

7. You’ve teamed up with Malcs. How do you two work well as a team and what are each of your strengths? 
Myself and Malcs have been great friends since being in England u17 squad together 8 years ago and have since had some of our best netball moments together, including winning the world series back in 2011, and claiming the Superleague title twice with Manchester Thunder. We bounce off each other with ideas for camps and as PE teachers, we are both dedicated to ensuring the best experience possible for anybody attending camps. Malcs has such a creative head while I like to do the behind the scenes organisation work

8. What would you say to a youngster who is unsure of joining the Thunder Camp?
Come along and see for yourself! We have lots of fun that will not only will develop your netballing skills, but help you make new friends and meet netball stars. Once you have been once you definitely won’t regret being part of the Thunder Crew!

9. What is the one piece of advice you would give to a young player who wants to reach the same levels in the sport as you are? 
Enjoy yourself! I think as long as you are enjoying playing and training, you will work hard and see the results.  

10. What is the best thing about being a netball player?
I have made some great friends over the years I have played netball, and going through everything with a close group of friends definitely makes it so much more special.  I also feel so privileged that I get to play the game I have enjoyed since I was young in front of thousands of people on a weekly basis

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