Thunder Roll over Team North

Thunder roll over Team North

Thunder arrived at the University at 4:30pm and began to start preparation for the match. After dresses were put on and everyone was strapped up the NPL squad and coaches began to talk about their plan of attack for the game.

Quarter 1: GS Clinton GA Neild WA Hoult C Darroch WD Hill GD Tyrell GK Dale

Thunder started the game strong in attack making the score 8-2 in the first 5 minutes. Neild worked well with Hoult feeding excellent balls into our Leaning Tower of Pisa (aka Clinton). Thunder finished the quarter with a solid score of 20-8.

Quarter 2: GS Clinton GA Shepherd WA Darroch C Hoult WD Hill GD Cullen GK Tyrell

Defence Tyrell and Cullen worked well together turning over ball meaning Thunder only conceded 5 goals in the second quarter bringing the score to 38-13. Shepherd shooting was on point as she smashed the long shots and moved well around the circle.

Quarter 3: GS Stevenson GA Hall WA Neild C Hoult WD Hill GD Cullen GK Tyrell

Debut youngsters, Stevenson and Hall stepped up to the plate and helped extend thunders lead, paired with Neild and Hoult’s excellent feeds into the circle. Centre pass defence was strong lead by the trio Hoult, Cullen and Hill forcing turnovers. Score 53-18.

Quarter 4: GS Clinton GA Hall WA Darroch C Hoult WD Cullen GD Tyrell GK Armstrong

In this final quarter Thunder further extended their amazing lead. Darroch worked the ball well through the court and helped link the attack and defence together using her speed. Hall had an amazing shooting day scoring 18/18 100%!

Thunder NPL thoroughly enjoyed their day, team morale was up and the whole squad worked together and the youngsters making their tribute stepped up to the plate.  Final score 75-21!

Reported by Taylor Cullen