Sara Bayman Blog

Well what a way to start the season.

 A packed Thunderdome, live on Sky and a win against Storm to top it off. It was exciting to finally get on court and see exactly where we are at. Everyone looked sharp and hungry and we managed to gloss over the errors with tenacity and strong defence.

Tracey however doesn’t really ‘do’ glossing over errors so the time between matches has been spent analyzing and attempting to fix some of the problems we had in the opening game. 

Ellie Cardwell should be back for the Bath match after suffering a slight injury the day before our Surrey game. I know the frustration of missing that has motivated her to get back as quickly as possible and I’m really excited to see what she can bring to our shooting circle this year. With her height, athleticism and aggression she will be a real handful for defenders. 

After the high of the first game it’s been difficult to wait twelve days before playing again. We should enjoy the break with three games in a week awaiting us, but watching other teams play is frustrating. We haven’t got as much training done during that time as we (Tracey) would like, mainly due to the snow. After a nervous day of texting between the players, we resigned ourselves to the fact that the snow wasn’t going to impact us. However, less than an hour before training, the weather gods spoke and a blizzard hit the area around Wright Robinson. I’m not saying that the players were happy but the responses to the message cancelling training were the quickest ever 😉 G Web obviously used the time productively and hit the slopes….on her sledge.

Don’t worry though, we’ve been making up time since the snow day, there’s no such thing as a night off! A lot of the work has been analyzing both our game and upcoming opponents’. It’s important that we have a clear vision of what we want to do against teams and the video really highlights what has worked and what hasn’t.

A few of the girls have had birthdays recently, which is good news for everyone as it means they are in charge of bringing cake. Hence we’ve had a couple of visits from Colin the Caterpillar. Tracey is too classy (old) for Colin though so her offering was much bigger/better.

Training has been going well and it’s good to have the different coaching styles and personalities of Tracey, Sara and Karen. They each have a slightly different way of doing things and the variety is what keeps things interesting. Where they are all similar is their direct approach. Thunder’s game is no-nonsense and to the point and that philosophy runs right through the franchise. I think it’s a northern thing.

The next few weeks are huge for us and everyone is really keen to get momentum at the beginning of the season. It is nice to have a few home games and enjoy the crowd support. I’m sure you’ll be hearing plenty of stories once our away trips start but don’t believe everything you read…..We’re always at least on the motorway before I fall asleep.

Finally, just a thank you to everyone for the support so far this season. It’s great to see a packed crowd and always nice to sign autographs after the game and receive tweets from fans.  You guys are awesome!